The California Dental Grants Program

Anyone who wants to restore confidence to their smile and improve their oral health can apply for financial assistance for dental work in through the California Dental Grant (CDG Grant) without cost.

An applicant just needs to show that their mouth is healthy enough to support the kind of cosmetic dental surgery they want to have in order to be eligible for consideration of a CDG Grant. You receive a free oral health assessment (x-ray costs may apply) from a Qualified Dental Practitioner in California to ascertain your candidacy.

The dentist will recommend you for inclusion in the CDG Program after completing your oral health assessment, when all basic dentistry has been completed by the participating dentists, and assuming you are a good candidate for a cosmetic procedure and implant. The dentist will also give you a treatment plan that will help you get the results you want.

Please be aware that the dentist will not sacrifice your mouth’s functionality or health in order to do a cosmetic procedure. So, the dentist will let you know in advance whether you need any routine dental procedures like root canals, fillings, cleanings, or extractions. If you do need any basic dental work, you must finish it before being approved for a California Dental Grant. The cost of basic dental care is your responsibility.

Why Should You Apply for Financial Assistance for Dental Work?

It all begins with a desire for your smile to accurately represent the self-assured person you really are. With a CDG Grant, it is more likely that you will commit to a cosmetic treatment plan that will help you realize your specific objectives and boost your self-confidence.

Who Can Apply for a California Dental Grant?

Every year, Californians from all socioeconomic backgrounds share the same vision and goal of improving the appearance and function of their teeth with cosmetic dentistry procedures. Cosmetic and implant dentistry has become a widely accepted method to achieve a healthy, confident smile.

Qualify for Dental Financial Assistance

You will receive a free oral health screening from a Qualified Dental Practitioner in your area to determine your eligibility. The residence of a prospective grantee must be 60 miles or less from a participating CDG dentist. If you are a good candidate for cosmetic and implant dentistry and your oral health exam and basic dentistry are complete, the dental professional will recommend that you be admitted to the CDG Program and create a cosmetic treatment plan that will help you get the results you want.

Awarding of California Dental Grants

Partial Grants

Depending on the number of applicants in the distribution pool, the cost of each applicant’s proposed treatment plan, and the amount of funds available for distribution, partial grants are given to all qualified applicants on a per capita, percentile basis.

The applicant must continue their cosmetic dentistry procedures with the dentist they were assigned to or another participating dentist in the program after becoming eligible for a partial award. The partial award from the application may be revoked at any moment by CDG if the applicant begins their cosmetic dentistry work with a different dentist who is not a participating member of the CDG program.

If an applicant has completed the required basic dental work and has been selected for inclusion in the grant program, they will receive notification of the partial grant award within 30 to 60 days. Applicants are able to begin their treatment with their participating CDG dentist right away after acknowledgement and acceptance of the grant are received within the 30-day acceptance window. Affidavits and thank-you letters must be signed by each applicant and delivered to the CDG office to confirm acceptance.

The dentist office, not the applicant, receives payment of the applicant’s portion grant. The dentist’s office is responsible for paying the patient back for any money invested in their cosmetic dentistry procedures.

(Dentists may support the OAAG by purchasing advocacy programs, or may assist by contributing their professional services)

Allocations & Conditions for CDG Funding

You must obtain a signed declaration form from the examining dentist stating that you don’t need any fundamental dentistry procedures like fillings, cleanings, extractions, or root canals in order to be eligible for consideration of a cosmetic dentistry grant. Basic dental work must be done on your own dime if it is necessary. The dentist who recommended the grant recipient as a potential recipient of a cosmetic dentistry award must perform the cosmetic dentistry. Any dentist may submit an application to be considered to join as a provider clinic, provided that he or she is:

  • located in the United States.
  • qualified to perform the recommended treatment.
  • in good standing with his or her respective governing body.
  • licensed as a recognized dental practitioner in the jurisdiction in which their practise is located.
  • willing to agree to the terms and conditions for participation and acceptance of the grant.
  • willing to take your case.

Each year, award applicants will receive up to $1 million in net revenues and resources, which will be disbursed on a monthly basis.

Recipients of awards have three months to start their treatment regimen. You don’t have to pay anything to apply, and the award is not repaid.

You may only submit one application, and it is valid for up to one year.

How the California Dental Grant Process Works

  1. A candidate makes a grant request on our website
  2. Our staff verifies the information provided by the applicant
  3. A local dentist contacts the applicant to set up an appointment after agreeing to provide a free evaluation and consultation
  4. The dentist decides who qualifies. The dentist will provide the relevant advice if the applicant does not meet the requirements
  5. The dentist will provide the applicant a cosmetic or implant treatment plan if/when they are qualified

Highlights & Important Information

  • There is no fee to apply for a California Dental Grant
  • Complimentary oral evaluations and consultations (x-ray fees may apply)
  • The CDG Grant Funds are not subject to repayment
  • Money granted must be spent within three months
  • You may only submit one application
  • Your application is still valid for one year
  • The only procedures for which funds may be used are elective cosmetic ones
  • General dentistry is not eligible for CDG Grant Funding (E.g.: Fillings or cleanings)